Woman ‘p***ed’ after in-laws eat wedding cake while on her honeymoon

Woman ‘p***ed’ after in-laws eat wedding cake while on her honeymoon

A woman has been left wondering “am I the a**hole” after she was upset that her in-laws ate her wedding cake while on her honeymoon – one they had planned to freeze for their one-year anniversary.

Writing on the popular subreddit on Thursday, the anonymous 24-year-old – with the username Expensive_Praline_71 – added that their honeymoon only lasted four days due to a tight budget, and their in-laws stayed in their house for an extra two days to save on flights and avoid booking a hotel.

“When my husband and I got back from our honeymoon, our cake was gone. The cake wasn’t necessarily crazy expensive, however, we had clearly mentioned we wanted to save it.

“When confronted, my in-laws said that saving a wedding cake for a year is disgusting and they did us a favor. AITA [Am I The A**hole] for being p***ed?

“We can easily buy another cake, but I’m mostly upset that this ruined a tradition we wanted to do,” she said, adding that they made it “very clear” they were saving the cake and that parents were told that they could eat the leftover cupcakes instead.

Commenters have since sided with the newlywed, with the post later being labelled “Not the A-hole” by Redditors.

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One popular response reads: “How hard up for cake do you have to be to do this? Sorry, OP, but maybe you and your hubby start a new tradition where you buy yourself a fancy cake and mark the day of the cake eating.

“Could be good for a laugh!”

“NTA. You did them a favor letting them stay in your house while you were on your honeymoon and they arrogantly ate something you were saving and then blew you off, claiming they were ‘doing you a favour’. Keep this in mind – this is how your in-laws operate,” wrote another.

A third said: “Have your husband tell his parents that until they go to the exact bakery that made their wedding cake and pay for them to make an exact replica of your wedding cake that they ate… they are not welcome in your home or your lives.

“That they crossed a boundary and it’s their responsibility to fix it… and until they do, actions have consequences.”

How fitting that eating a forbidden dessert could lead to the in-laws being deserted by the couple if they take Reddit’s advice…

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