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A dad of two decided to exact the ultimate revenge on a softball coach after he allegedly touched his daughter inappropriately. The proud dad then decided to share his story on reddit for everyone to see.

The anonymous father explained that he was the secretary for a Softball club in Pennsylvania, from which the previous board members had allegedly stolen money from. It was decided that if all the previous members paid back the money they stole in full, no charges would be pressed.

The previous President, Steve, was still allowed to help out with coaching, while our reddit poster decided to take a year off from coaching and be a "loud and excitable spectator".

The father continued:

A few games into our season, I noticed Steve was overly affectionate with the girls, nothing terrible, hugging and stuff. Still struck me as odd.

Six or seven games in, his daughter Carrie (all names changed) “cranks a ball against the left field fence, and she gets a stand up double”.

He writes:

We all cheer, moment over. Next two girls walk, Carrie ends up on 3rd. As she’s readying for the next pitch, Steve as the 3rd base coach leans up to her, says something, and smacks her on the butt.

After she comes in and I go say good job to her, I pull Steve aside and tell him that’s not OK with me and please don’t do it again. He agrees.

Happy ending? Nope.

He alleges that Steve did it again.

“I yell, “Steve!”. When he looks over, I shake my head no. He nods and pumps his palms to the ground to say “chill out”.

For the rest of the season, Steve goes around telling all the other parents and coaches about how I’m such an asshole, how I embarrass him, and I shouldn’t be a part of the league.

He explains that most people sided with Steve, who had lived in the town all his life.

But the dad says the disappearing softball funds, which Steve was allegedly involved in, were never officially made public.

Steve and his daughter also run a few other community projects, and the reddit poster alleges that they’ve been skimming from those for over a decade.

The soft ball club usually donates to some of these projects, but decided to stop after the thefts happened.

When he found this out, Steve “goes mental”, the dad writes and “storms out”.

He wrote:

So, I did what any rational parents would do and wrote an anonymous letter to the FBI. I included everything, ledger statements, dates and missing receipts.

The dad claims that they charged Steve, and his daughter and son, more than $80,000, and his wife left him.

He also claims that Steve received a two-year sentence.

Many people on teddit agreed with what he did.

Now that, is revenge.

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