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As we well know from TikTok, people love discovering hidden secrets in their homes.

On the platform, we’ve seen everything from secret passageways and hidden rooms, to apparent crime scenes and personal notes and photographs.

Now one person has decided to intentionally leave a string of messages on the floorboards of a building of flats with the sole aim, he says, of “triggering millennials” in the future.

TikTok user @longrealestate shared four clips which showed cheeky messages he scrawled on floors throughout the building, which are due to be covered over.

In one clip, he pans the camera across the room to show the words “The Office is not funny” on the floor.

Unsurprisingly, the video sparked debate, with one person writing: “Millenial here and I agree.” Someone else asked: “How can anyone say this?”

Luckily for him, he added in the caption: “Hidden messages, just kidding I really do like The Office.”

The investor also shared a video of another, which references cryptocurrency, and another which reads: “We are trying to reach you about your extended car warranty.”

And, perhaps most controversially, one video shows a message which says: “I do not like the show Friends”.

 longrealestate/TikTok longrealestate/TikTok longrealestate/TikTok

A bold claim if we ever we heard it. Let’s see what sort of debate that causes when it’s discovered in 2051...

You can watch the full videos here.

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