Woman claims that she knew her fiancé was cheating just from his ...

A woman claimed she posed as a LinkedIn job recruiter to seek revenge on her ex-boyfriend and his infidelity.

TikTok user Kylah (@kykynicolee) took to the platform to share her questionable (not to mention innovative) method of getting payback. She explained how she posted a fake job and made her ex go through the interview process before sending him a soul-crushing rejection letter.

In the clip, Kylah penned: "When my ex cheated on me so I posed as a LinkedIn recruiter and made him go thru a month long interview process then sent him a detailed rejection letter about how he's not s**t."

While it's unclear whether the clip was a parody, it certainly drew the attention of fellow TikTokers. The viral clip garnered over 1.2 million views and was soon inundated with comments – some users even requested a tutorial.

One suggested, "You should have a series called evil," Another praised the plan and felt inspired. They said: "This is absolutely genius. Thank you for the idea."

A third worried user joked: "Not this coming up on my fyp when I have my final round interview w LinkedIn next week."

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his resume was trash anyways 😭 #fyp

This isn't the first time people have turned to questionable measures to get back at an ex. Another TikToker Sheppy (@skye.shepskye.shep), shared how her "friend" was left distraught when she discovered her partner had been unfaithful.

So, what did she do?

She headed to his house and found some of his prized possessions. She came across his birth certificate and ripped it up out of anger.

During an argument between the pair, she yelled: "Shut up, you don't even exist."

The viral clip divided the platform, with one saying: ”I’m not saying her actions were right, but I am saying that her actions are hilarious."

While another user wrote: “Iconic energy.”

You've got to admire the creativity.

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