A man tried to emulate Kendall Jenner and give rioters a Pepsi. It didn't go well


When Kendall Jenner handed a riot police a can of Pepsi in her now infamous canned commercial, the policeman takes a sip, the crowd cheers and everyone goes home full of the joys of life.

However, when this comedian tried to pull off the same stunt at a student protest at UC Berkeley, it didn't quite have the same effect.

Vito Gesualdi, from Oakland, California, brought a whole bag of Pepsi to hand out at the protest to spread peace and unity. However, he was initially stopped from entering by police who were wary that the cans might be used as missiles.

He later managed to sneak some in, only to find that Pepsi was neither very effective at stopping a fight, nor at calming down riot police.

You can watch his entire failed attempt below:

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