Look no further than Pinterest and Instagram for evidence of the enormous impact of social media on interior design.

We surely have the internet to thank for the ubiquity of hairpin furniture legs, Ikea hacks and endless cacti, so it may seem logical to ask the internet to design your home.

That's what YouTuber and software developer Michael Reeves decided to do this week when he tweeted a video explaining his plan.

Reeves claims he has zero interior design expertise, so he is using his actual passion to achieve his goal - building a bot which would scour through his Twitter replies to find the most-liked Amazon links people send and buying them automatically.

What he perhaps didn't count on was that people would take the opportunity to mercilessly troll him into buying the absolute weirdest stuff.

Throughout the day, he bought around 100 items, including a chia pet Bob Ross (with seed pack), a thumb-sized bible, a 3D wolf print G-string, a Fanstown K-pop poster and The Communist Manifesto.

After 24 hours, Reeves shut down the bot and promised to upload a YouTube video with the results.

If the tweets are anything to go by, it'll certainly be... interesting.

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