Ukrainian man survives being run over by a Russian tank

Ukrainian man survives being run over by a Russian tank
Russian tank crushes Ukrainian car with civilian inside

Videos and images from inside Ukraine are going viral as violent battles erupt between Russian troops and Ukrainian soldiers. One video is particularly shocking to see, as a Russian tank runs over a Ukrainian civilian in their car.

On the empty streets of Obolon, a district that sits north of the capital, Kyiv, a Russian tank was making its way through the city. Although there are not many drivers on the road, one does appear. But as the tank and the car are about to pass each other, the tank veered off and hit the civilian's car, running it over.

Ukrainians watching the encounter from their windows, filmed it in horror.

The tank reversed back into the street and seemingly left the Ukrainian civilian stuck in the crushed car. Luckily bystanders ran to help the person in the car who was revealed to be an older man.

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Footage taken up close reveals the man survived the crash although it is unknown if he faced any injuries.

Videos of the incident shot from different angles are circulating on social media as well. Ukrainian reporter Alexander Khrebet shared footage of the crash and the civilians helping the old man out of his mangled car.

People are reacting to the videos with fear and anger, one Twitter user said, "Im absolutely shocked by the footages i have seen in ukraine ..tanks running over civilian cars etc ..cant Believe this ..back in the days i was Proud to say i have russian blood now im Just ashamed.. This is Just Terror."

Another user tweeted, "Russian tank in Kyiv deliberately runs over a car. Horrible war crime."

So far, approximately 100 civilian deaths have been reported, likely more are to come.

The escalating violence and presence of Russian tanks are worrying for Ukrainians living in Kyiv, where Russia will likely strike next. Officials issued an airstrike warning, set a curfew, and told all people to seek shelter.

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