Salt Bae has taken to Instagram with a bizarre clip – and surprisingly, it wasn’t of the half-man, half-meme sprinkling salt onto people’s extortionately priced steaks.

Instead, the famed chef, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, headed to a local park to feed pigeons wearing what appears to be a bin bag before squeezing in a set of pull-ups.

“Nature lovers Enjoy #saltbae #Saltlife #salt,” he captioned the video, which has since racked over two million views. Many of Salt Bae’s 37.9 million followers flocked to the comments. One joked: “I bet that squirrel was shocked when he got the bill for those nuts.”

While many others were quick to point out his “bin bag jacket.”

Inevitably, the clip crossed over to Twitter, and well, Twitter did its thing.

One was quick to question his outfit choice: “Is he wearing a bin bag, so they don’t s*** on his clothes, or is that actually fashion?”

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While one hit back and said, “Everyone’s slating him, but I swear it’s a sauna suit, not a bin liner. Poor geezers trying to lose a few pounds.”

“New Salt Bae pigeon handling Instagram reel just dropped. Possibly his most unhinged work to date,” another joked, while someone else compared the famous chef’s outing to a “Mary Poppins X Rick Owens collab.”

We’d argue he missed the opportunity to perform his signature salt move... Maybe next time.

Salt Bae is famed for his chain of luxury steakhouses called Nusr-Et, established in Dubai, New York, Mykonos and now London. Since the restaurant launched in Knightsbridge, diners have shared their bills online, with one supposedly totalling an eye-watering £37,000.

The dining spot is a celebrity favourite too, though Gemma Collins said she felt “sick” at the cost of her steak.

Speaking on her podcast, Collins said: “I have to give the ambience of the restaurant, the experience of the restaurant, a 10 out of 10.”

“The bill was another situation. I was in utter shock. But you know what, you have to weigh these things up, and the press reported that my steak cost £700, if only they knew. I wish it cost £700. It actually cost £1,450.”

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