Couple goes to Turkey to visit Salt Bae’s restaurant and reveals it’s much cheaper than his London version

A couple took a trip to Turkey to dine at Salt Bae ’s restaurant in Istanbul and have gone viral for revealing that it was significantly cheaper than his London location.

Fahd and Nashwa from Birmingham ( ) have more than 40,000 followers and 500,000 likes for their UK food reviews, but decided against visiting Salt Bae’s London restaurant due to the infamously high prices .

Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, became a viral meme four years ago for his famous and funny seasoning of food and has since opened a chain of luxury steakhouses called Nusr-Et.

His London restaurant opened its doors in September and quickly attracted backlash due to its super high prices.

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People have reportedly paid up to £37,000 to dine at the restaurant, including reality TV star Gemma Collins who said she felt “sick” after paying an eye-watering £1,450 for a steak.

Also on the London restaurant menu are Red Bulls costing £11 and cokes for £9.

So, Fahd and Nashwa decided to avoid “getting robbed” by the high bills in London and take a trip to Turkey instead.

They visited Nusret’s restaurant in the capital of Istanbul and ordered a tomahawk steak and multiple sides.

Now, drum-roll for the price of their meal… they said “our entire meal for two cost only £110.”

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In comparison, the giant tomahawk steak in London costs a staggering £1,450 .

Their video of their journey and restaurant experience, which was posted on November 7, has since attracted over 743,000 views and 64,000 likes.

Some of the comments include “crazy that their flight and meal is cheaper than Nusret London”, “so you paid a tenth of the price in London? You’re smart” and “think smarter not harder, I love it!”.

Speaking to Indy100 , Fahd and Nashwa said: “We realised it was cheaper to travel all the way to Turkey, enjoy a holiday, eat at Nusret’s, fly back and it’ll still be cheaper than a single meal at the London restaurant”.

“The food was great... worth the hype,” they added.

“If we could afford to spend thousands at the London branch, we would but since we can’t, Istanbul it is!”

Well, it sure beats forking out thousands for steak and chips!

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