A giant seal tried to raid a shop in Ireland and went viral


Seals can be utter muppets sometimes.

On the one hand you get troublemakers like this guy:

On the other, you get snuggly fellas like this pup:

A seal recently caused a bit of trouble in the Republic of Ireland when it attempted a raid on a fishmongers.

The moment was captured by Derek Byrne, who put it on Twitter where it quickly went viral:

The fishmonger in the photo, Terry, told the Irish Mirror he was a regular visitor:

We’re trying to avoid feeding him because we’re only meant to give him a certain amount every day.

The tide is so high at the moment with high tides and the rain that he keeps hopping out every few minutes.

We’re just tying to get him back in in any way at the moment.

We still have him coming to us every day to be fed.

People loved Sammy the seal:

HT Irish Mirror

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