Sharks spotted in knee-deep water at Florida beach

The International Shark Attack File (ISAF) has released a map showing where ocean swimmers are most likely to be attacked by sharks.

On the ISAF's website, users can use an interactive map to see where shark attacks are occurring frequently and find out how fatal or non-fatal those shark attacks are.

The database is housed at the Florida Museum of Natural History and uses investigations into unprovoked shark attacks to document and monitor shark attacks globally.

According to the map, the US and Australia have the most frequent shark attacks with Florida having the most overall.

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In Florida there have been 28 non-fatal shark attacks in 2021.

Even though Australia only has 12 shark attacks last year, it does have the most fatal with three people dying from a shark attack.

Florida and Australia have the most shark attacks Florida Museum of Natural History / International Shark Attack File

But fear not, the ISAF also includes information about how to avoid a shark attack.

The organization recommends swimming with a friend, staying close to shore, avoiding the ocean during low-light hours, and areas with effluents or sewage.

Additionally, swimming with a lot of jewelry, high-contrast clothing, and a lot of splashing can attract a shark.

While shark bites do happen, they are often not fatal so long as a person gets to shore and seeks proper medical attention. If a person does get bitten by a shark there are things they should not do, like play dead.

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