Woman left with 'shark hand' after doctors sewed it up inside her

Woman left with 'shark hand' after doctors sewed it up inside her
Woman left with 'shark hand' after doctors sew it inside stomach during ...

A woman was left with a “shark hand” after she contracted sepsis following an operation.

34-year-old Sadie Kemp from Peterborough was left with a hand that resembles a shark following surgery, where doctors had to sew her hand inside her abdomen to keep it alive.

The horrible ordeal began for Kemp on Christmas Day when she went to the hospital because of a sharp pain in her kidney caused by a kidney stone.

By Boxing Day, Kemp had contracted sepsis and went into septic shock which affected her limbs, resulting in the amputation of her fingers.

Sepsis occurs when the body tries to fight off an infection but the immune system goes into overdrive and attacks the body’s healthy tissues. It is a life-threatening condition that is the leading cause of death in hospitals.

But, Kemp has taken her hardship in great stride and has become TikTok famous for her openness and humour around her experience.

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In one clip that’s been viewed 84.5 million times, Kemp can be seen putting her hand into a bowl of water. As she does, she mimics the Jaws theme song as her hand moves closer to the water.


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In the comments, TikTokers praised Kemp for her ability to keep smiling despite the difficult experience she’s going through.

One person wrote: “If you have humour you can get through any situation, keep laughing x.”

Another commented: “keep smiling and laughing.”

Someone else said: “Awww bless her, be strong & brave babe. Keep smiling.”

As her infection took hold, Kemp was placed into a medical coma for 11 days, but doctors were unable to save her fingers, according to Peterborough Today.

Unfortunately, her ordeal may not be over yet as the local paper reported she may have to undergo more amputations.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by one of Sadie’s close friends to support her recovery.

Hopefully, she can remain as good-humoured as she has been to help pull her through.

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