A boy tried to rescue a sheep from a trench, only for it to jump back in and get stuck again

Liam O'Dell@LiamODellUK
Tuesday 20 April 2021 13:27

Good Samaritan’ videos which see people save trapped animals always delight social media, but the latest viral video has been shared widely online because of a rather unexpected outcome.

The clip, which surfaced online on Saturday, sees a boy place a strap around a sheep’s leg to pull it out of a trench.

After the sheep is pulled free, it shakes itself down, runs off with glee, and then mistimes a jump over the same trench.

Ewe (sorry) can probably tell what happens next – it lands itself in the same predicament it was in just seconds before.

It’s unknown where the clip, which lasts just 20 seconds, first appeared or was filmed.

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One Twitter user from Argentina, Victoriano Aizpurú, shared the video and it has since received more than 27 million views.

The perfect metaphor for life’s many u-turns and contradictions, the clip soon got the meme treatment, with social media accounts offering their own comparisons and remixes of the video:

Others, meanwhile, linked to videos which channeled the same energy:

It’s likely that many more will ‘flock’ to social media to share the video of the poor sheep over the coming days.