'She's a 10' has become the internet's new favourite meme format

'She's a 10' has become the internet's new favourite meme format
A new TikTok trend is encouraging people to get creative when imagining a fake partner with crazy personality traits
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The internet has found a new favourite meme format, as the “he’s a ten” TikTok trend has made its way onto other social media platforms.

The trend began on TikTok and involves users proposing scenarios where their partner is perfect in every way apart from one specific personality trait that can significantly decrease their attractiveness.

One TikToker proposed, “He's a 10 but he has the exact same voice as your brother”. In this scenario, his attractiveness was knocked down to a 3.5.

Another scenario saw a partner’s number go up from a six to a 10, as someone said: “He's a six but he has really nice bedding.”

Someone else dropped from a nine to a four, as the person suggested: “She's a nine but she can't read an analog clock.”

Now the trend has found its way to Twitter, with people posing similarly hilarious dilemmas about a hypothetical partner.

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One person wrote: “She’s a 10 but she asks you if you’d still love her if she was a worm.”

Other Twitter users’ responses varied – one person said she’d go down to a 7 in their eyes, while someone else replied: “she’s still a 10.”

The original poster of the tweet said in the comments that she’d be a -7.

Another Twitter user posted another hilarious scenario, writing: “she’s a 10 but she cried when 1D broke up.”

Someone responded: “Holy f**k that is -3838124152.”

But, others disagreed, with someone else saying: “she's a relatable 10.”

Another scenario read: “she’s a 10 but she uses goggles in the pool.”

Someone else suggested: “she's a 10 but she partakes in this s**t.”

Another said: "she’s a 10 but has a hello kitty obsession."

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