Facebook/ Simon Laprise

A highly creative prankster in Montreal, Canada has fooled police by sculpting a car out of snow.

The convincing creation, which looked remarkably like a Delorean from Back to the Future, was constructed in an illegal parking space.

The stunt was conceived with great attention to detail by Montreal native Simon Laprise, who even added a real windshield wiper to the vehicle.

Simon shared the "car" on his Facebook page and it soon went viral.

Of course, a prank is not truly a prank if the prey doesn't take for the bait and it seems the police fell for it, to begin with anyway.

After pulling up to place a ticket on the vehicle, the officers on duty soon realised that it wasn't a car at all.

However, they still filled out a ticket, thanking Simon by writing in French "You made our evening hahahahahaha : )"

According to the Daily Mail, Simon has said that the prank wasn't intended for the police at all, it was for the snow removal crews and their plows.

Unfortunately, the car didn't fool them and his sculpture was quickly destroyed.

Art, it seems, is truly fleeting.


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