Man fixing a bike
Man fixing a bike

'Men don't cry'. 'All men want is sex'. 'Men are bad parents'.

The list of assumptions about men in our society is never-ending, and they're at times damaging to society and gender relations.

With that in mind, men of Reddit got together to list, and dispel a few stereotypes and assumptions made about them and their gender.

Here's what they had to say:

1. Men are bad at parenting

Ugh! Or the idiots who refer to it as babysitting when Dad stays home with the kids for a few hours. It not babysitting, it’s being a parent. Babysitting is when you pay the teenager from next door to stay with the kids.


2. Men only think about sex

Sometimes we just want to read our bible and talk about our feelings!


3. Men wee in a straight line

Oh lord, didn't expect this, but yes. Especially in the morning. "Oh, well, we're peeing at right angles today are we?"


4. Men are only kind to women for the purposes of sleeping with them

I'm really friendly to everybody. That includes the hot 22 year old intern who's a f***ing idiot, the 63 year old lady in our cafeteria and even Susan from accounting who's a major b***h everyday to everyone.

I'm just friendly because I like making people smile.

I'm not bringing 10 coffees from Starbucks to the office to get in your pants. I do that because it makes your shitty day less shitty and lightens up everyone's mood a bit.


5. Men aren’t as emotionally intelligent as women

As a man, that stereotype is a very unfair one.

To be fair, however, Western society (or pretty much every society, for that matter) has ingrained that stereotype into the minds of nearly everyone involved. It's not fair, it's not reasonable, but it's reality.

Growing up in the South as a man very in touch with his emotions, this particular gender bias has affected me in multiple ways, and I pray to any god who will listen that this can be overcome someday.


6. Men can’t be victims of domestic abuse

I have the scars to prove it. I have facial surgery coming up because my Ex attacked me (despite a restraining order) and some guy 'defended' her by punching me in the face. His Class ring broke the bone of my eye socket, and it has to be repaired or I risk further damage to my GOOD eye (one of my eyes has 60% sight).

I have burn marks from cooking pots with hot food in them being thrown at me. scars from being stabbed with pencils, pens, and one time a goddamn fork.

Yet it took a cop witnessing her trying to run me over with her car (in the court parking lot) to get a restraining order for her to stay at least 500 feet away (fun note: as long she doesn't come within 500 feet again, the cops won't do anything. But I am 100% sure if our roles were reversed, my ass would be in jail for harassment.)


7. Men only like ‘manly’ things

That we can't like certain things. Like, sure, I enjoy cars and stuff, and other "manly" things. But I also like my pink boxers with penguins on them and matching socks, you know?

I'm not a pussy because I didn't fight that guy hitting on my fiancé at the bar. I'm a mentally healthy(ish), reasonable, rational adult who doesn't want to end up in handcuffs, or believe violence is the answer to the solution.

Just because I enjoy some music by Katy Perry, or play D&D doesn't make me any less than anyone else.

Being sweet to my fiancé doesn't make me "whipped". I enjoy making her happy, and I like to be considerate towards her. She's my best friend.

A real man doesn't/does blah blah blah.

No, a real man does whatever the f**k he wants and likes whatever the f**k he wants to like. F**k you.


8. Men don’t cry

A Real ManTM has the self-confidence to cry... Especially at the end of the first chapter of "Up". Oh Ellie...


9. Male nudity is either funny or offensive

I hate that female nudity is considered sexual by default, but male nudity is considered either humoristic or offensive by default.

Generally, it feels hard to be sexy as a guy.


10. Gay men are always feminine

Even if they knew you before you came out, some people still expect this. As if being gay is a whole lifestyle choice and you will suddenly act camp and care about fashion.


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