Someone is photoshopping Republicans' guns into dildos because sometimes you have to laugh or you'll cry

The latest slew of borderline hate speech to come from a Republican presidential candidate's mouth means that the GOP clown race to the White House definitely isn't funny anymore.

However, photoshopped dildos provide timeless entertainment, as Matt Haughey, an editor at Slack, has reminded us with his latest project - especially when those dildos used to be guns, and they're being held by would-be presidential candidates.

Haughey put out an open call for photo submissions for his new blog,, over the weekend, and he's promised to keep posting Republicans with dildos (expertly photoshopped to reflect the size of the gun in each pic) until next November's election.

For all the comic relief you need to the GOP attitude to gun control, look no further. You can prise their dildos out of their cold dead hands:

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