Which South Park character are you? Take the test that's popular on TikTok

Which South Park character are you? Take the test that's popular on TikTok
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Whether it’s identifying your personality in a scientific way or just matching up which TV show character fits you best, people love to take personality tests.

Now, one test pertaining to South Park characters is becoming popular on TikTok with people sharing their results, and of course, judging each other.

The test, created by IDRlabs, can be found on their website.

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It asks users a series of 33 questions before giving them the character that suits them best. The result options include Kyle, Kenny, Stan, Cartman, Chef, Mr. Garrison, and Mr. Slave.

“Using genuine psychometric items influenced by classic theories of personality, this assessment will determine which of seven South Park characters you most closely resemble,” the test’s website says.


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Each question asks users to “agree” or “disagree” with the statement, using a sliding scale.

Some examples include, “I think it’s cool to be different,” “I feel like I am often very unlucky,” and “I often question the authority figures in my life.”


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The test may be partially inspired by the famous South Park quiz, SP and Me.

SP and Me was created by South Park Studios to promote Season 23 of the show, it is a parody of 23 and Me. However, it was taken down and is no longer accessible.

Like SP and Me, the IDRlabs test gives people a percentage of their personality based on each character rather than identifying one character only to each user.

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