Solar Death Ray experiment on Stanley cup leaves surprising results

Solar Death Ray experiment on Stanley cup leaves surprising results
Target shoppers scramble to snap up limited edition Valentine’s Stanley cups

A Stanley cup was put through its paces after being placed under a “solar death ray” and the results are rather surprising.

Stanley cups are the newest viral product to take the Western world by storm, even sparking fights in stores among customers trying to secure one of the limited edition reusable insulated water bottles.

While the interest around Stanley cups appears to show no sign of stopping, one man decided to use the opportunity to test how well they are made by seeing how the cup fared being placed under his “solar death ray”.

In the viral clip which has been viewed more than 7.3 million times, TikToker @joemyheck explained he was curious how his daughter’s “donated” Stanley cup would handle being placed under the “giant lens [that] melts rocks”.

As the lens was placed on the cup, smoke could immediately be seen coming from the cup before it “burst into flames”.


Solar Death Ray vs Stanley Cup #experiment #stanleycup

After leaving it under the heat for a while, @joemyheck noticed that although the outer layer had been melted through, the inner steel layer put up “quite a bit of resistance” to the extremely high temperature and failed to have a hole burned through it.

He concluded: “This Stanley proved to be tougher than nearly everything I’ve put under the solar death ray.”

People in the comments appeared to be intrigued by his solar death ray, as well as the amount of “free marketing” Stanley cups seem to be getting on TikTok.

“Dude I want a solar death ray I would have so much fun,” one person wrote.

Someone else said: “Stanley gonna buy you a brand new solar death ray for this.”

Another person commented: “Damn. The amount of free marketing they get from this app is wild.”

“They need to give you a sponsorship bro,” another said.

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