Fire brigade says please stop cooking steak in your toaster

Fire brigade says please stop cooking steak in your toaster
London Fire Brigade warns against TikTok cooking 'hack'

Thousands of TikTok viewers have unleashed their inner Gordon Ramsay after one woman shared a questionable steak-cooking method.

In a viral clip that's garnered just under 16 million views, Juliette (@itsmeju1iette) showcased a romantic meal for her boyfriend: Steak made in a toaster.

Judging by the TikToker's previous posts, the toaster method appears to be in the name of fun – and was not intended to be taken seriously.

Of course, some viewers missed the memo and proceeded to roast Juliette.

"I just watched a crime happen," one stunned user wrote, while another added: "This is so barbaric it’s not even funny."

Juliette told Insider: "I was surprised that it actually worked. Some people think the video is fake, but it's 100% real. I would recommend that more people cook with their toaster."

Despite initially becoming a viral sensation in 2020, the London fire brigade has since reignited the old favourite (for all the wrong reasons) by reminding people not to try this at home.

In a post to their official Twitter account, they warned: "What you having for dinner? This #Electricalsafetyweek we're reminding people to only use electrical products for their designated use. Don't cook steaks in a toaster."

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Cooking steak for my boyfriend ❤️🥩 #foryou #cooking #chef

At the time, the main man himself stepped in to set Juliette straight. On his official TikTok account, Chef Ramsay stitched the clip, quizzing: "What are you doing?"

"A toaster's for bread, and if I had two slices I'd stick them on your ears, you idiot,

"And now you're gonna cover it in sauce? Really?"


#duet with @itsmeju1iette The review you’ve been waiting for....there must be an idiot sandwich in there somewhere ! #ramsayreacts #tiktokcooks

Viewers were more underwhelmed by Ramsay's laid-back reaction rather than the steak itself, with one saying: "This is the one time ima say Gordon should’ve been harsher".

"He’s not even mad at this one, just disappointed," another penned.

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