People are pointing out the new Tory 'strong and stable' slogan appeared in Hitler's Mein Kampf

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Theresa May's slogan is everywhere.

You've barely been able to read an article, check twitter, or watch to the 6 o'clock news this election without hearing the Conservative mantra:

Strong and Stable.

The descriptor designed to portray Labour as a mess and Theresa May as a steady hand in the upcoming Brexit negotiations, has even been plastered around London. Albeit critically.

Fans of the Lynton Crosby-esque slogan may be alarmed to learn that Adolf Hitler used the phrase in his book, Mein Kampf.

He wrote:

November 9, 1923, in the fourth year of its existence, the National Socialist German Workers’ party was dissolved and forbidden throughout the entire territory of the Reich

Today, in November, 1926, it stands again before us, free through the whole Reich, stronger and internally more stable than ever before.

Labour fans have been very, very keen to point this out.

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