Whenever you are booking a hotel for a holiday, checking the size and quality of the swimming pool is a must for most tourists.

A huge pool, preferably with a fantastic view, is exactly what you should be aiming for. And that's what Jenny Kershaw from Manchester thought she had found with her booking in Vietnam.

The image of the hotel pool on booking.com looked enormous and was complete with a breathtaking view of the city.

However, expectations and reality are two very different things, and as soon as she arrived she noticed that the pool was nothing more than a big bath.

You couldn't even do the breaststroke in that.

It's hardly a complete disaster but we can emphasise with Jenny's disappointment.

Her tweet soon started to pick up traction and eventually went viral, and people were very amused at the situation.

People also shared similar experiences they have had with hotel pools and they were arguably worst.

Booking.com did get in touch with Jenny about the misleading information but the original image has since been changed to something a little more accurate.

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