Teacher receives cremation coupon as 'appreciation' gift

Teacher receives cremation coupon as 'appreciation' gift

Teachers in America are generally flooded with gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week, a national holiday that takes place in the first week of May.

Parents gift their children's teachers to honour their work, and some major brands including Adidas and Samsung even offer exclusive discounts to educators.

Local organisations get involved in the action, providing schools with goodie bags. But one gift in particular left one TikToker scratching their head.

In a viral clip shared online, Erin (@nalgenefan) shared the contents of a gift bag sent by the local church in which there was a 10 per cent discount for cremation services.

"I’m a public school teacher, I make $43,000 a year before taxes, and this is everything I got in my Teacher Appreciation Week gift bag," they explained.

"A water bottle from the church that gave us the gift bags; a [stress] ball that says smart, strong and fearless; a little notebook that says teachers plant seeds that grow forever, and it’s a little damp because my air conditioner is broken, so it’s really humid in my room,” they explained.

"And my personal favourite, Weaver and Peaks Memorial Funeral Care hand sanitiser and a business card advertising 10% off cremation services. Happy teacher appreciation week to me."


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Fellow TikTokers were left feeling just as confused, with one writing: "THE CREMATION COUPON?? Oh my god."

Another added: "Last year our principal gave us Stanley tumblers. It was the best Teacher Appreciation gift I'd gotten in 24 years. This year the district explicitly forbade giving tumblers."

Meanwhile, one parent chimed in: "This is why I give my kid’s teacher a $100 gift card. It’s not easy, we’re not rich, but I feel it’s important when they’re with my kid more than I am throughout the day. We appreciate you so much!"

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