Tesco has stopped selling Ribena and people can't cope

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In a bid to tackle child obesity, Tesco has announced that it plans to stop selling sugary drinks which could spell the end for the likes of Capri-Sun and Ribena in its stores.

It's fair to say that many are not happy with this decision

Really not very happy

They just can't see the point

And are pointing out that there seems to be a tad of hypocrisy in the new policy

Lots are concerned about the consequences

Some are worried about a black market opening

Which, granted, some have seen as an enterprise opportunity

Many are simply taking their custom elsewhere

In fairness to Tesco, there has been the odd hashtag in solidarity

But for the most part, people are just distraught

We just wish we could all be as blissfully ignorant as Yowa

Just to be clear, the new policy is aimed at "children's drinks", which Tesco has explained are classed as "ready to drink" cartons between 150-300ml. So fear not, Ribena-loving adults, you can still buy litre bottles of tasty purple concentrate..

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