Kaly99/Creative Commons
Kaly99/Creative Commons

This one started with Labour in Vain Yard, Norwich, noticed by Lucinda Hawksley. There are several No Name Streets, such as the one in Sandwich nominated by Michael C, and Neil Fitzgerald nominated Avenue Road, of which there are at least five in London.

1. Letsby Avenue, Sheffield

An old joke made real as the address of South Yorkshire Police's operations centre. Nominated by Anthony Wells.

2. Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate, York

Nominated by Stian Westlake, Gary Holland and many others.

3. Cavalier Approach, Leeds

Taken by Charlie Cooper.

4. Crutched Friars, City of London

Suggested by Rosie Fiore.

5. Needless Alley, Birmingham

With thanks to Stuart Reid.

6. Front Lebanon, Cupar, Fife

From Xlibris1.

7. Ha-Ha Road, Greenwich

Laughed at by Simon White.

8. Bow Wow, South Cerney, Gloucestershire

From Jack Martin Leith.

9. Riddle Dumble Park, Galashiels

Via Olly Grender.

10. Swing Swang Lane, Basingstoke

Via Alistair Coleman.

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