The London Underground ground to a halt again on Thursday after unions and Tube bosses failed to reach an agreement over workers' pay and conditions resulting in a 24 hour strike.

As there'll be no need for the regular Tube map, a digital agency has created an alternative version which shows each time a Londoner angrily types expletives or cliched insults about Underground staff instead. Which, unsurprisingly, happens a lot.

Shoreditch-based Impero has designed the live, interactive "The F---ing Tube Strike" map using data from Twitter and lists how many times and exactly where each swear word has been posted - mostly, we're guessing, from a packed overground platform or in a mile-long bus queue like these...

At time of publication (at peak morning rush hour), "f--k" was the most popular word tweeted about the Tube strike, shortly followed by the likes of "overpaid", "greedy" and "s--t". Poor angry Londoners.

Check out The F--king Tube Strike map here

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