The weirdest things people have done to pancakes

Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day as it is more affectionately known, is coming round once again.

And it seems like every year people go above and beyond the bounds of normal when it comes to pancakes, and no, we aren't talking about the mysterious ice pancakes that appeared on a Scottish river in the winter of 2014.

Here is a collection of some of the strangest crimes against pancakes:

1. Easter egg pancakes

This recipe, provided by Tablespoon user Girl Versus Dough, is admittedly more about decorating pancakes to look like Easter eggs, but we still think it's bringing together the two ends of Lent in a slightly odd way.

For more chocolatey, easter-egg-resembling pancakes, ChefMom has added her input here.

2. Burger pancakes

Arguably taking savoury pancakes a step too far, you can find the recipe here.

3. Pizza pancakes

Continuing the theme of strangely-flavoured pancakes, pizza pancakes are a flourishing pancake subculture too.

4. Beer bread

Yep, this recipe doesn't even use pancake batter for its actual living-and-breathing purpose, but it's so easy to make, maybe breaking the rules is OK.

5. Using 100 maids doing pan-to-pan pancake transfers for advertising purposes

Japan's first, but not last, appearance on this list occurred during an advert for FlavorStone frying pans.

6. Zombie pancakes

Admittedly, this is a very impressive pancake design, from pancake and Youtube afficiando Nathan Shields who used his zombie pancake to celebrate the return of The Walking Dead.

This is the same man who has also brought us Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Stephen Hawking as pancakes.

7. Making Star Wars sculptures out of pancakes

To be fair, who wouldn't want to be able to make the Millennium Falcon or AT-AT out of pancakes?

8. Putting pancakes on a stick

A Japanese company, Rakuten, created a machine that supposedly makes it easier to dip your pancake in syrup. However, by making it on a stick this company have presumably created a foodstuff that is not, in fact, a "pan" cake. You decide.

9. Making and breaking world records with pancakes

Special kudos goes to the University of Sheffield, who in February 2012 smashed the existing world record of 405 people flipping pancakes simultaneously, creating a new record with 890 of Sheffield's pancake-flipping residents.

Fortunately, there is hope, and it comes in the form of pancake art.

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