Stefan Rousseau/PA Images

Theresa May's expression as she listens to Boris Johnson almost perfectly sums up the current international mess we find oursevles in.

On Wednesday, Theresa May was photographed at the UN General Assembly.

Wearing a nervous grimace, she looks at Boris Johnson, her former and possibly current leadership rival.

Johnson, May's Foreign Secretary is pointing off into the distance.

Picture:May exchanges a glance with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, as he points to the front. (Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Images)

According to the Press Association, the image was taken during a meeting about Libya.

Other images from same time frame include these equally expressive moments.

Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Images

Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Images

May has something of a record for awkward expressions at international conferences.

In December 2016 a clip of Theresa May at an European summit went viral.

In the clip, she appeared to have been left standing by herself with nobody to talk to.

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