(Photo: Imgur/obviousplant
(Photo: Imgur/obviousplant

If you've ever been to Ikea, you'll know of the seemingly endless pain and hysteria that comes with a well-intended trip to your local furniture maze.

To combat the effects, internet comedian Jeff Wysaski, known on Reddit as user obviousplant, put up some fake reviews of products to brighten the lives of those accidentally wandering into office supplies probably for the third time that day.

The customers may be fake, but their fictional thoughts ring true with some of our more dystopian Ikea moments.

However, if you identify with this chucklesome trio, we might be slightly worried for your pet care.

Previously, Wysaski has also made a fake health brochure on Donald Trump which we think deserves a mention.

You can see his work on his Reddit user page here.

Top work, Jeff!

HT Reddit

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