Laptops, iPads, Netflix: it’s fair to say that most kids today have an entire world of entertainment at their fingertips.

But their parents aren’t so enthused, with almost three in four admitting they’d be more likely to watch TV with their tots if they could watch the shows they loved as kids.

A recent survey conducted by TalkTalk TV aimed to unearth a few childhood gems by asking parents which shows they’d enjoy watching with their kids. The chosen winners were then screened to an audience of six to eight-year-olds in order to see whether or not shows like Scooby Doo really do still work today.

Apparently, they do. The kids are visibly enthused by the chaos of Wacky Races, whereas others squeal with joy at the sight of Scooby and the gang. One child looks less excited, lamenting:

This Scooby Doo looks really old.

The jerkiness and the definite, um, vintage feel to these cartoons is a common subject of critique. From Mr. Benn and his "funny walk" to the "strange playdough characters" of The Magic Roundabout, the kids go hard – and their comments are guaranteed to make you feel ancient.

Naturally, the animation is a common theme, and their comments on it will make you feel ancient – from the "funny walk" of Mr. Benn

Others ask the questions we were all secretly thinking, like:

Why are the bananas in pyjamas?

Immediately, her friend replies:

Because they’re old-fashioned!

Other cartoons ranking high on the list are classics such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Wacky Races and The Flintstones, which unsurprisingly came out as the ultimate favourite.

Although undeniably classic, some definitely haven’t aged well. Other kids' TV shows, in retrospect, just seem downright creepy. The Teletubbies is a good example – from the weird baby sun to the countless innuendos which seem way too coincidental to not be deliberate, the show is now more likely to elicit nightmares than screams of joy.

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