Picture: Google Maps/indy100
Picture: Google Maps/indy100

The population of the world is estimated at present to be around 7.4 billion.

If you got everyone in the world to stand in a metre squared each, and fit this into a square area of roughly 7,400km, you'd barely make a dent in the state of California.

As this relatively cool map showed recently.

We decided to do a version for the UK, and it turns out you cover Hertfordshire and a few surrounding counties.

Some people may have to tread water though.

You can browse it below:

Although interesting, this proves largely nothing. People can't live in only a metre squared.

Picture: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

Oh. Hm.

Anyway, the UN has estimated that by the year 2100 the population will increase to around 11.2 billion.

Although it could be much higher.

Picture: UN Population Division

The UK's population is expected to slowdown, like many other countries in Europe, as the population growth is expected to occur predominately in developing countries.

Picture: UN Population Division
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