(All pictures: Dylan Perrenoud
(All pictures: Dylan Perrenoud

It's actually a cabin in the Swiss Alps.

Designed and built (by hand) to resemble a giant concrete rock, the cabin is big enough for one person and boasts a fireplace, bed, table, stool and even a window.

The shelter is the work of Swiss design agency Bureau A, which named it Antoine after a character in novelist Charles Ferdinand Ramuz's Derborence and as a tribute to the "alpine experience and to the writer".

The mountains have the power to call for feelings of fascination and fear at the same time. Switzerland has a strong tradition of observing the Alps, living with them, hiding inside them.

Watch a video of Antoine, built by hand in a nearby mountain village, being rolled - almost literally, it's not affixed to anything - into place.

And in case you're wondering, that is Heart of Stone by the Rolling Stones playing in the background.

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