This man raised $55,492 on Kickstarter... to make potato salad

This man raised $55,492 on Kickstarter... to make potato salad

Despite a modest ambition of raising just $10 to make a potato salad, Zack Danger Brown received an astonishing $55,492 (£33k) before the deadline closed last night.

After posting his tongue-in-cheek idea on the crawdfunding platform Kickstarter last month, the idea captured the imagination of the internet and has seen over six thousand people donate actual, real money to see this crazy dream come to fruition.

With £33,000, Mr Danger Brown could buy 94,285 'value' potato salads from a British supermarket, although his backers may not be best impressed with that.

As part of his fundraising campaign, the plucky potato salad aficionado has pledged to offer every person who donated over $3 (3,329 people) a bite of the dish.

Visit the fundraising page here

Among many other promises, Danger Brown says he will do a live stream of the salad making, rent a party hall so high-paying donors can witness the preparation live and say the name of every single person who donated while he makes the dish.

The potato salad making will take place in December. And fear not, because i100 will bring you that potato salad making.

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