Video shows women clashing after one took all baby formula from shelves

Video shows women clashing after one took all baby formula from shelves
Biden Invokes Defense Powers to Address Baby Formula Shortage

A video posted to TikTok shows a frustrated mother trying to reason with another person to not take all the baby formula from the shelves at a Target.

TikTok user chopnedits posted the video earlier in May which shows the encounter between two women in a Target in Massachusetts. The TikToker says the video was filmed by their younger sister who just wanted to buy baby formula for her young child.

The woman filming the video begins by scolding another shopper who has filled a cart with all the baby formula available, leaving the shelves completely empty.

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In an effort to justify her purchase, the shopper says she needs the formula.

"You don't think I need it too?" The woman filming asks. "You just cleared the shelves of all this formula."

The on-screen text on the videos reads "people like this cause the shortages, not enough formal for kids but hey let's ban abortions".


My younger sister, first time mother… and this is the crap young mothers deal with. #youngmothers #roevswade #formula

"This is the whole reason why there's a formula shortage," the woman filming says trying to reason with the other customer.

Ultimately the shopper purchasing the rest of the formula walks away, leaving the woman filming empty handed.

Formula shortages are hitting the US nationwide affecting children and parents. The shortage is caused by a recall in formula from Abbott Nutrition in February combined with supply chain issues.

The government was also late to intervene until it became a big problem but on Wednesday President Joe Biden invoked the Defense Production Act.

But until formula production beings ramping up, mothers like the one in the TikTok video are facing a crisis.

Some stores like CVS, Target, and Walgreens have put a limit on how much formula people are allowed to purchase. It is unclear if the shopper in the video was allowed to purchase the large quantity of formula but the limit did not seem to stop her from putting it in her cart.

People who are able to produce breast milk are donating extra supply to those facing shortages.

Commenters expressed concern that the shopper could potentially be reselling the formula for a higher price but this is unconfirmed.

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