A woman has explained the confusing moment she realised she was lactating from her armpits.

Posting on TikTok, the woman, named Lindsay, said her story would “blow your mind” and she’s not wrong. She said:

“Did you know you can leak breast milk from places other than you boobs?

“One day, I was feeding Allie [her daughter- and realised her hair was soaking wet. Then I realised it was coming from my armpit. I thought I was just really sweaty, but I noticed this huge lump and thought, ‘What is that?’ So, I squeezed it and holy s**t, milk squirted out.


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“I went to the doctor thinking maybe I had a third nipple, but she said, ‘Nope. Your milk line actually runs all the way up through your armpits.’”

While this indeed sounds pretty scary, it is normal. Speaking to Buzzfeed, Lindsay said: “My doctor said that leaking milk from your armpits is totally normal and that I was actually super lucky mine leaked because sometimes the milk is unable to leak and it can cause all kinds of issues, like clogged milk ducts and mastitis.”

Meanwhile, New York City–based registered nurse and international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) Priscila Medina explained why this happens. She told Buzzfeed:

“This happens because milk glands work just like the body’s sweat glands. There are supernumerary — or accessory nipples — that can run from the armpit to the groin. Breast tissue can grow up into the axilla (armpit) and, as Lindsay said, this is known as the Tail of Spence. It’s most common for the breast tissue in the armpit to become swollen and leak when a woman’s milk is first coming in and she’s engorged.”

In a follow up video, Lindsay explained that the lumps in her armpits went away when she was finished breastfeeding her children. She said they used to make her self-conscious but that she was “embracing them” as the returned now she is pregnant again.

So now you know.

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