Brits are familiar with the chip butty so double carbs don’t exactly horrify us, but a loaf of bread stuffed with pasta, chicken and other sauces is really testing people’s boundaries.

Amano Las Vegas, an Italian restaurant in – you guessed it – Las Vegas, has made 12 different variations of the carby meal since 2019 for around $13. One is topped with chicken, for instance, while another is filled with penne alla vodka. Another has mac and cheese and ribs shoved in. Grim. All of them are drenched with melted cheese, because why not?

Since sharing the creation on social media, the American restaurant has gone viral in the UK and Brits are expressing that they are not exactly enamoured with the dish:

Many are concerned about the health implications of eating so much cheese, bread, pasta and meat, and others cannot imagine how someone would go about eating one. Logistics matters, guys.

Brits assume that portion sizes in America are massive and that whacky food creations are the norm. This Las Vegas restaurant is doing nothing to batter that stereotype.

Their chefs were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

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