Rolling Blackouts

The internet has come up with yet another doomsday conspiracy theory set to happen this Saturday on 24 September.

According to the people of TikTok, Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, there will be a global-wide blackout that will cause a 'great reset' in the economy, politics, and more.

Apparently the global blackout could be caused by a natural disaster, a nuclear attack, asteroids, a storm, or a cyber attack. But the results will be no electricity, food, and global chaos.

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People on TikTok warned others to prepare for a doomsday event on 24 September.

"I don't know what's going to happen, my guess it there is going to be a big blackout coming September 24th," a person named Drew Milette said in a TikTok video.


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The baseless theory first emerged from QAnon supporters in Germany on Telegram after a German lawmaker misspoke when speaking about the Ukraine-Russia war.

According to Vice, German lawmaker Friedrich Merz said everyone will remember where they were on September 24th but he meant to say February 24th when the Russia invasion of Ukraine began.

However, German QAnon supporters ran with the theory that the German government was alluding to a secretive plan.

Then someone pointed to season 24, episode 9 of The Simpsons which features dialogue about the end of the world and an electromagnetic pulse device.

The theory slowly trickled into the US social media.

"There's a lot of things that are kind of clicking together that's really, really, concerning- the first thing is the September 24th day," Milette said in a video.

Other things like the World Economic Forum's great reset initiative, the UK's energy crisis, and Russia-Ukraine war were thrown around as reasons the blackout could occur.

But the misunderstood signs of a doomsday event is just another baseless conspiracy theory ignited by selective attention bias.


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