Dating method shows TikTok users with a roster of different people

Dating method shows TikTok users with a roster of different people
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Dating in 2023 can be complicated. Not only do you have to keep up with new dating terms taking over social media, but there are also multiple methods and a string of 'expert opinions' spreading across timelines on how to date successfully.

Now, TikTok users are encouraging people to have a roster of people on the go to heighten the chances of finding The One.

Joyce (@joycehasatiktok) shared how she joined Hinge "because she really wanted to roster date" and wanted "many back-to-back dates" because she didn't want to obsess over any single man.

"Good that you had this approach," one person commented. "Dating is the courtship phase. I feel anyone putting all hopes in one basket, turns out disappointed & bitter."

Meanwhile, another wasn't so sure, writing: "I don't know. If I found out I was just like one of six guys a girl went on a date with I would not be feeling it, feels like I would just be left for someone better."


Replying to @ihavesynthed lining up many first dates is really easy if you want it to happen #dating #onlinedating #hinge #rosterdating #datinginmy20s

Another TikToker @heyitsmekmac encouraged singletons to get a roster, "or simply dating around".

"I think it's important to date multiple people because you find out exactly what you're looking for," she explained. "Dating is truly a skill and it's not something that comes easy to a lot of people – and like many skills, you need practice."

She said it helps identify red flags, what important questions to ask, and what characteristics you are looking for in an other half.

"So, go on multiple dates please," she said.

Many fellow TikTokers agreed with the concept, with one joking: "This is the second video I seen about a roster in less than 15 mins….. I call they a sign."

One person added: "Date yourself before you start “dating around”!! the best relationship you’ll ever need to have is w yourself."

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