US: Hurricane Ian Slams Into Florida With Devastating Winds, Storm Surges And …

Residents of Florida hunkered down on Wednesday in preparation for the Category 4 Hurricane Ian to sweep across the Southwest portion of the state.

Typical aspects of the preparation include filling up tubs and sinks with water, getting flashlights ready, and obtaining nonperishable foods. But one TikTok user decided to also fill up an inflatable ball and set it free during the powerful storm.

The so-called 'hurricane ball' is a game that people in hurricane-impacted play during storms.

"Duet if you find the ball, stared in Arcadia, Florida," the TikToker wrote in the video.

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The user wrote their username on the large blue ball before letting it free outside to see where Hurricane Ian takes it. They wrote that they hope whoever finds it duets their TikTok video.

With over 5 million views, other users are eagerly awaiting to see if other people find the Hurricane Ian ball.


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"Trusting the TikTok brings me back in the next couple days, weeks, months," a commenter wrote.

"Should of put an apple AirTag inside," another person wrote.

"I saw that!!!!! it floated through the flooding of my yard," a TikToker said.

Under the TikTok hashtag #hurricaneball, other people did similar experiments in the hopes of bringing a smile to someone's face as they brace for Hurricane Ian's impact.

The Category 4 storm made landfall in Southwest Florida on Wednesday afternoon bringing with it extremely powerful winds and an intense storm surge.

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