<p>Samantha Longton was trying to ‘take a cut pic’ when she noticed she was being ridiculed</p>

Samantha Longton was trying to ‘take a cut pic’ when she noticed she was being ridiculed


A TikTok influencer has gone viral after she confronted two men who mocked her as she posed for holiday snaps.

Samantha Longton, who has more than 81,000 followers on the platform, posted recordings of the incident which saw her standing in a pool clad in a blue bikini.

The Florida resident said in a caption to the first clip that she had been “trying to take a cute pic” when she heard the male pair “audibly making fun of her”.

She added: “I’m not a confrontational gal but sometimes men just…”

In a follow-up video she explained that one of the unwelcome onlookers “made a face and whispered to his friend, ‘Look at her… this is what’s wrong with girls’”.

“They stood next to the slide, faced me and started laughing,” she added.

But rather than get mad at the duo for their cruel sneering, Longton decided to prove she was the bigger person.

Confronting her bullies, she asked sweetly: “Did you want to take one, too? I can take one for you if you’d like.”

A man’s voice can then be heard replying clumsily: “Oh err… no, that’s alright.”

She continued: “Maybe I could take a picture of you guys if you want a picture together? It’s really pretty.”

The pair awkwardly agreed to her request before admitting they didn’t have their phones with them.

“Next time then,” she smiled.

Longton killed her two bullies with kindnesssamanthalongton/TikTok

Longton’s two recordings of the encounter have racked up more than 10 million views, as fellow TikTokers hailed her handling of the situation.

“This is the best way to say ‘I heard you’ without being direct or confrontational, it’s the best, sarcastic way of handling this kind of situation,” one admirer wrote.

Another pointed out: "They always get much less brave once confronted."

A third added: "Queen, the condescension in ‘next time’ and everything about this is so good."

And a fourth said: “I know their hearts dropped into their little peepees real quick because they probably didn’t expect you to say anything.”

Meanwhile others hit out at the pair’s behaviour, with one writing: “It’s the ‘what’s wrong with girls’ that got me heated. Um, men value us mostly for how we look and when we peacock they don’t like it.”

Quoting the pair, another said: “‘That’s what’s wrong with girls,’ ... then they go and like all the pics on IG.”

And another mused: “I’ll never understand people’s hatred over individuals just trying to capture a moment.”

Given all the attention her posts attracted, we’re sure this is a moment Longton won’t forget in a hurry.

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