Are celebrities overcrowding OnlyFans?

A TikToker and OnlyFans creator has sparked a debate online after criticising people for being in bed all day and not wanting to work.

Describing herself as the "most productive person ever", Tara Lynn (@taraswrld) said the social media app BeReal exposed how much time people spend lying around. She captioned the clip: "im not a hater its just so funny to me [sic]".

BeReal works by giving users a two-minute slot to post a candid, unfiltered image through their front and back cameras simultaneously.

"This BeReal could go off at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., doesn't matter — everyone's in bed," Tara said. "There is an alarming amount of people every time that BeReal goes off that are just in bed with the shades drawn."

"Why are you in bed?" She added, before jokingly mirroring Kim Kardashian's famous words: "It seems like nobody wants to work, get your f**king ass up and work!"

Her viral clip, which has attracted over 4.6 million views, certainly caused a divide on the platform, with many comments aiming to "humble" Tara a little.

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One TikToker said the entire video concept "was not thought out at all", while another advised Tara on her future content: "Some thoughts are allowed to stay in your head".


im not a hater its just so funny to me

Others were quick to highlight that they are simply exhausted from working long hours, and tired of the TikToker's "judgement."

"I do acting and I work at a hospital, Tara babes I am TIRED," one said, with another reiterating: "I work 12-hour shifts at a veterans restorative home and go to college. I’m tired".

A final TikToker concluded: "join the working class and you’ll understand."

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