TikTok 'psychologist' facing backlash for 'toxic' advice

TikTok 'psychologist' facing backlash for 'toxic' advice
How To Navigate Toxic People

A woman who claimed to be a psychologist on TikTok is now facing backlash for her "toxic" advice.

Madeline, who goes by @Madellinnee on the platform and calls herself "your daily psychologist," has shared her 47 dating and relationship rules.

Some women said her advice was a "guide" and was "curing" them.

And while many of her bits of advice are satirical and should be taken lightly, one rule, in particular, has prompted anger on the social media platform, especially amongst single mums.

With every video, she posts each day comes a written rule advising women on how they should move in the company of men - from the beginning stages of texting to being in long-term relationships.

Her statements could be helpful in reminding women about their self-worth, such as rule 21.

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"Remember ladies, don't show a man you'll stay with him through everything because he'll keep putting you through everything," Madeline wrote.

Many of the "rules" also initiate women to play games to snag men's attention.

Take rule 41 - "If he cancels last minute reply 'ok' then text him five minutes later and say: 'hey, my evening just became free, do you still wanna link?' He'll know that message was not for him," she wrote.


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One person responded to this video with: "Ohhh, the toxicity."

However, it was rule 38 that single mothers were not excited about - and Madeline has since apologised.

"It's okay to get your heartbroken... some girls are left with children," she wrote.

"You didn't have to attack me like that," one person wrote.

Another added: "Crying sat next to my 1-year-old."

A third wrote: "We aren't 'left with kids.' We have a priority to make sure [our] children are taken care of and happy and safe."

While many followers did back Madeline up, noting that the content creator wasn't trying to offend anyone, Madeline responded: "Girls, I don't mean to hurt anyone, just wanted to increase awareness for the younger girls to take maximum care with boys."

Still, many of Madeline's clips have been praised by women, which details how much motivation it gave them to leave unhealthy relationships.

"Girl, u know it all for real. My guide," someone added.

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