Come Dine with Me contestant claims show cost her £500 and brands ...

A TikTok user has sparked controversy after filming a group of girls recording a dance video and shaming them for doing it in public.

TikToker @elperuano_3303 posted a video showing a group of three girls filming a TikTok dance routine while in an airport.

Waiting in an airport can be a boring experience and other travellers could be seen in the background while the girls used their downtime to create some content.

The person filming them dancing went on to shame them for it. The text overlay as they zoomed in on the girls read: “Oh hell nahhh how the f**k are you not embarrassed to do this s**t in public.”

But, the point of the video appears to have backfired as people in the comments questioned them about why they weren’t embarrassed about filming the girls who were simply having fun.

The clip has been viewed almost 127,000 times with people debating the situation in the comment section.


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One person responded: “you not embarrassed to record it.”

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Someone else added: “Imagine being worried about what some else is doing with their life.”

Another wrote: “They’re just passing time in the airport as friends. Why do you hate so much?”

Elsewhere on TikTok, a British scaffolder went viral after an optical illusion made it look like he was exposing himself and a former Come Dine With Me contestant claimed the show cost her £500.

But, not all the comments disagreed with the user. One person commented saying that they told someone to stop filming a TikTok in a restaurant.

They said: “Bro in June on my dads birthday we went to El tapatio the restaurant and there was some girl making a tt doing the renegade i told her to sit down.”

Another claimed: “It’s worse when you realize they probably had to rehearse and do it over a few times.”

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