TikToker fears roommate will break up with boyfriend over Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’

TikToker fears roommate will break up with boyfriend over Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’

One TikToker managed to capture an argument over Taylor Swift’s track “All Too Well”, and from the sounds of things, it probably lasted longer than the 10-minute track itself.

In a video perfectly captioned “All is NOT too well”, user Scott Barton wrote: “My roommate is arguing with her boyfriend about ‘All Too Well’ and I think they’re legit about to break up.

“Low-key on her side, he’s a walking red flag.”


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As the text appeared, we could hear the boyfriend say that he doesn’t “really get what he did”.

“He” presumably refers to Jake Gyllenhaal, who Swift reportedly dated in 2010 before splitting in 2011.

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Barton’s roommate can be heard replying to her partner: “What do you mean, ‘you don’t get it?’”

“That stupid song was longer than their relationship,” he responds.

Exasperated, the roommate says: “Oh my God. You need to leave, Brad. You need to leave right now.”

Commenters were loving the drama, and firmly on the side of the roommate.

“The masculine urge to defend Jake without knowing anything about the relationship,” wrote one.

Another quipped: “The best thing about this is when his future dates ask why they broke up he’ll expose himself all over again.”

Another simply offered up a pun: “RED flag (Brad’s Version).”

While the video ended there, the drama certainly didn’t, as Barton provided one short update in the comments.

“Update: Brad is packing his bags.”

We’re unable to confirm whether the roommate ended it by saying “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, but we imagine the relationship ended pretty Swift-ly after that argument.

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