The mysterious TikTok account about a homeless man building a time machine just got a lot weirder

The mysterious TikTok account about a homeless man building a time machine just got a lot weirder

You might remember the story from a few weeks ago about a mysterious TikTok account that had gone viral after claiming to have found evidence of a time machine.

The account, by @comeatmebhai, was following the scribblings of a random homeless man who was filmed writing and drawing equations and complex illustrations of a building in an unnamed city.

The person running the account then went on a search, which seemed to take him all over the world in search of a time portal. The fourth video on the account concluded outside of a house on a beach which he had been directed to via coordinates found in a cave. Yes, really.

Still with us? Good. Well, another video has been shared to the account and things just got a lot weirder.

For the first time, we see the person who you would presume has been making the videos and he explains that he searched the house for three days and eventually found an underground bunker (how big is the house?) that was full of “strange rooms and old research equipment.”


If this wasn’t already bizarre enough, he claims that it seemed someone had recently been there so he “input a code that a TikTokker had cracked from the first video into the main console” which managed to open something.

The video then cuts to the man staring at what looks like a projection of an animation that you might see at your local science museum. The video ends with the man jumping at the ‘portal’ to ‘see the other side’.


Of course, many people can’t help but think what they are seeing is complete nonsense but are on board for the ride, which is at least entertaining and creative.

One person joked: This has to be a promo for a new Netflix original. Another wrote: “You lost me at ‘tik tokker code’ and ‘portal.’” A third said: “This man really had us with the homeless man video.”

The video which was shared five days ago, at the time of writing, has been viewed more than 104,000 times.

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