TikToker horrifies Brits by biting right into a Terry’s Chocolate Orange

TikToker horrifies Brits by biting right into a Terry’s Chocolate Orange
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What feels illegal, but isn't? We'll go first: Biting into a Terry's Chocolate Orange – as you would do with an apple.

One TikToker (@notjazzthornton) learnt the hard way when she uploaded a clip of herself trying the popular treat for the first time.

She explained how her friend from England brought her back a "Terry's orange chocolate thing" and that everyone has urged her to try it, as she has never had it before.

The TikToker took the chocolate orange out of the box, noting how heavy it felt and was shocked to discover it wasn't hollow. "Oh, it's like little orange slices," she said in disbelief.

She struggled to break the segments apart, asking viewers how she was supposed to do it. She later theorised that maybe it wasn't supposed to be broken.

In a move that left Brits gobsmacked, the TikToker took a bite right in the middle of it.

Luckily, it was worth it though as she noted how incredible it tasted.

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I think I did that very wrong 😂 #british

"I think I did that very wrong," she penned as the caption – and unfortunately, the hundreds of fellow TikTokers agreed.

One joked, "I could hear so many people chorusing: 'you whack it on the table,'" while another passionate Brit wrote: "YOU. DID. NOT. JUST. BITE. INTO. IT!!!!"

"I actually gasped when she bite into it," a third added.

One TikToker said: "Smacking it in the table is the best part of the whole thing!"

Meanwhile, another humoured: "It's called Terry's chocolate orange, not Terry's orange chocolate, it tastes better when it's got the correct name, just tap and unwrap"

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