Viral TikTok shows white woman pull a gun on group of Black girls in shopping mall

Viral TikTok shows white woman pull a gun on group of Black girls in shopping mall

A TikToker has captured the moment where a white woman pulled a gun on a group of Black girls in a shopping mall.

The white woman can be seen arguing with the group of Black teens outside a Lids hat store at the Vancouver Mall, in Vancouver, Washington.

Both sides appear angry and animated while unintelligible shouting can be heard.

But, as the bystander Theo zooms in on the commotion, the white woman can be seen pointing a gun at the group.

Mall security are on the scene and can been seen attempting to de-escalate the dispute. Yet they fail to retrieve the gun from the woman.

It appears that one passerby was unfazed by the gun, and can be seen walking past the gunwoman to go into the Lids hat store.

TikToker Theo captioned the clip: “This girl pulled a gun at vancouver mall and this guy just casually walks past her.”

The video has since gone viral with over 8.6m views and likes, with people outraged at the scene.

You can watch the TikTok in full here.

One person said: “Why are the cops not stopping her instead of the other girls?”

“Security should’ve tackled her,” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “Can we talk about the cops not restraining the person with a gun but are literally hovering over the other women.”

“I love how the cops are doing nothing but let it be the other way around...” A fourth person replied.

Others jokingly commented on how unbothered the customer was who walked past the gunwoman.

One person said: “He really said that ain’t my problem.”

“Bro was late for work,” another person wrote.

Someone else replied: “When your boss tells you that you’re fired if you’re late from break one more time.”

“Bro needs that new hat,” a fourth person commented.

Meanwhile, another video of the incident from a different angle was also being shared to Twitter.

In this footage, the woman with the gun can still be seen pointing her weapon as she leaves the Lids hat store with what appears to be her kids.

Unintelligible shouting can still be heard.

At one point, the children dangerously walk in front of the gun as they leave the shopping mall.

“I hate it here,” Ryan Shead tweeted.

A spokesperson for the Vancouver Police Department told Newsweek that no one was injured in the argument and the woman’s gun was determined to be unloaded during the incident.

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