'Time traveller from year 3000' says that US navy will be contacted by aliens this month

'Time traveller from year 3000' says that US navy will be contacted by aliens this month
What If Time Stopped? | Unveiled

A self-proclaimed "time traveller from the year 3000" has issued a warning that aliens will be in touch very soon.

The TikTok account @timetraveller3000 has surprisingly garnered hundreds of thousands of views across their videos detailing so-called key dates to look out for.

In one recent upload, the user claims November will be the month "the US Navy will come into contact with UFOs from the ocean."

The TikTok uses footage from the official US government video of a UAP encounter dating back to 2004.

His creative theory is followed by a string of even more claims, including "Kansas will be hit with an F5 tornado killing hundreds of people" in February 2023, and that in January, Donald Trump will "announce his run for presidency for 2024".

One sceptic joked: "UFOs from the ocean? So you mean unidentified floating objects? It's usually someone's sh** after a dodgy meal."

Another added: "We don't care who runs, we care who wins."

Meanwhile, one person had other ideas and urged the TikToker to "Tell me the numbers for power ball tomorrow night."

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TikTok has been inundated with "time travellers" over the last few months – and it's worth noting that, so far, nothing has came to fruition.

One fortune teller, however, claimed to have predicted the Queen's death using the power of... asparagus.

Jemima Packington is the world's only Asparamancer and says she sees the future by tossing spears in the air and interpreting how they land.

Jemima, 65, saw the spears of the veg form the shape of a broken crown just months before the Queen died.

She said: "The spears formed a crown with some broken off which indicated to me that there would be a great Royal sadness.

"When I saw pictures of the Queen welcoming Liz Truss, I noticed how frail she looked and I said to my friend ‘it won’t be long now’.

"I thought back to my readings of the spears and just thought to myself 'oh no'.

"I am a huge fan of the Queen and I was very sad when she died.”

She has since made predictions that King Charles III will hand over much of his duties to Prince William.

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