Man tells woman on Tinder date that his wife was dead but she’s still alive

Going on a Tinder date can be tricky as no matter how much you’ve chatted the other person is still likely to be a perfect stranger whose life you have little to no knowledge about.

That’s exactly what happened to TikTok user @sissyhankshaw who went on a date that soon turned into a creepy experience after she did her own research into the man’s history.

Hankshaw starts by replying to a new TikTok trend about awful dating experiences by saying: “I went on a Tinder date with this guy who was a teacher. He was 25, he taught elementary school kids, I’m like ‘oh that’s so sweet.’”

She went on to explain that he had told her that his wife had passed away “tragically” and he was now a single father whose colleagues would take care of his kid when he went on dates. “He seemed like a normal person” she added.


As nearly everyone does these days, Hankshaw decided to do a bit of Instagram stalking and was shocked by what she found. “I went to stalk her on Instagram and I went back to show my friend and looked back on a different day and when I did she had new posts,” she continued.

“And so I stalked even further and found her whole family and career history on the internet. Turns out she was not dead at all. She was very much alive, and they were very much together in a relationship. And he was so normal. He was the most normal person I’d been on a date with, in a long time.”

After learning this she decided to confront and ask why he lied about his wife being dead. He responded by telling her that she was lying and that she actually was dead.

“I confronted him about it and told him that he lied and that she was actually alive and I was like, ‘what the f*** dude?’ And he told me that I was lying and that she was actually dead… she was alive.”


Hankshaw’s TikTok, which has been viewed more than 70,000 times. She captioned the story with: “sorry Ashley your husband told tinder girls you were dead.”

Those who commented on the video were understandably shocked: “Oh wow...that’s like serial killer vibes” said one person.

Another said: “I interpret extreme normalcy as a red flag; people like that are typically being inauthentic.”

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