The 'youngest american to visit every country in the world' has released her 10 favourite destinations

Instagram / expedition_196

Cassanda De Pecol claims she has just broken the Guinness World Record to become:

  • The first documented woman to travel to every sovereign nation 
  • The first American woman to travel to every sovereign nation
  • The youngest American to travel to every sovereign nation (at 27)
  • The fastest person to travel to every sovereign nation

In case you were wondering, there are 196 sovereign nations on the planet to date.

Beginning when Cassie was 23 on the Pacific island of Palau in July 2015, the trip lasted 18 months and 26 days - half the time of the previous Guinness World Record.

Her journey, Expedition196, was almost entirely funded by sponsorship, has been an installation in sustainability and ethical eco-friendly tourism.

Now I know we've all had enough of experts, but if you were going to take travel tips from anyone...

These are, according to De Pecol, the top ten best countries in the entire world to visit, and why:

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